Catherine and Ian Cook

We are from Sydney, Australia. Since buying Sea Cloud (Hallberg Rassy 48) in 2010, we spent 6 wonderful European summers sailing in the Mediterranean, returning to Sydney in October to work and enjoy the Aussie summer. In September 2016, we finally left the Mediterranean and in December crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean. After a few months exploring the Caribbean islands, we left Sea Cloud in Curacao for the hurricane season. In February 2018 we transited the Panama Canal, sailed to the Galapagos, through French Polynesia and Tonga and down to New Zealand.

You can follow our progress on:

2 thoughts on “Catherine and Ian Cook

  1. Hi Cathy and Ian,
    checking your blog to see if we spy any photos of you and Lissa this month.
    We are in Salem on the way to Dayton; just checked to see if there might be a photo to show Mom. Shelley and Ray

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