Sea Cloud 2013: start of the season

This season we plan to sail the Dodecanese, across the Aegean to the Northern Sporades, up to Thessalonika and then down through the Eastern Sporades to Turkey.


After a pleasant day in Istanbul (trying to track down a lost bag) we arrived in Gocek for a mad scramble to uncover and prepare Sea Cloud for launching the next day.



It was great to see Sea Cloud looking so shiny and well looked after by Husseyin and his team at HMS. The launch is always stressful, but as usual was very capably handled by the team at Marinturk.

IMG_0622 IMG_0299

It seemed as though summer had come early to Gocek, with warm calm and sunny days, perfect for working on the boat.


Gocek is always so pleasant at the beginning and end of the season. The markets were great for provisions, and as usual and our stay and visits to Pruva Hotel very enjoyable.



We were amazed that we after 6 twelve hour days, Sea Cloud was ready to leave the dock, meaning we could take advantage of the beautiful weather and empty anchorages.



Although the weather was so warm there was still a lot of snow on the hills as we sailed towards Fethiye, where we planned to check out of Turkey.


Ian’s birthday was celebrated at a small restaurant overlooking sprawling Fethiye, and under the Lycian tombs.




The calm weather ended as we left Fethiye gulf. Motoring into strong wind and waves across to Rhodes was not the most pleasant of days.


What a great time of year to be in Rhodes, few tourists, only 4 yachts in the bay, room in the harbour,  no superyachts lining the waterfront and only one cruise ship.





Finally had some good sailing up to Symi, where we found some excellent mojitos made by a Cuban trained barman.




We were rudely awakened by our afternoon nap by a mammoth explosion – was it a bomb? earthquake? No, just only the Symians celebrating Easter exploding dynamite on the hills above the town. Apparently they often throw dynamite into the harbour, but luckily didn’t do so this year. Locals need to keep all windows open during the Easter weekend otherwise they shatter.




After a lazy start in Symi we sailed to Tilos for a night  before sailing on to Nisyros, an island we had been trying to get to for the last few seasons.


The small harbour in Nisyros was relatively crowded for this early in the season,  a combination of the Russian holidays and Greek Easter.


Nisyros was well worth the visit. The colours of the extinct volcano were beautiful.




The only other visitors at the volcano were  locals.



It is so green at this time of the year with lovely flora, obviously good for honey as we saw many beekeepers along the roadsides.


Mandraki with its monastery perched overlooking the town was a good place for dinner and watching the sunset.





3 thoughts on “Sea Cloud 2013: start of the season

  1. Whilst the photos continue to be of outstanding quality I am not getting a lot out of the blog writing – where is the passion? the humanity? the little shared anecdotes? (although there is a bit of pasion in that delightful mardi gras shirt we see on Ian) I am looking for a little more than just a description of each town – emotion! emotion! Happy Birthday Ian, keep up the words with friends Cathy – hope it keeps being fun – am planning my Aurora Borealis trip through lapland in March to the top of the nordic artic circle – travel by reindeer sleigh, huskie sleds, train, snowshoe and ferry! Want to come?
    Cheers Lois

  2. Looking great guys! Looks like you are having fantastic fun. I just managed to taxi our airplane for the first time last week. Should have it in the air next month. Bon voyage Mates!

  3. Hi Lois,

    Must get you on board to write our text! Lucky to get any writing this time, have been rather busy (hard to believe I know!). Lapland sounds fab but Sea Cloud’s engine is in bits, so think that might use up the lapland account.



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