The photos in this blog don’t really show what we have been doing the past 3 weeks. Jobs, jobs and more jobs on Sea Cloud. The problem with boat lists is that they never seem to get shorter! Parts have been sourced, maintenance done etc etc.

Fortunately, Marina Lanzarote has been a very pleasant spot to work. It is a short walk to Arrecife town with its good tapas restaurants and Saturday fruit and veg market.



img_4336We’ve met some lovely people here. People are either, like us, on a mission preparing their boats for the big voyage. Others, who are much more laid back, are pottering around the Canaries. Familiar faces have turned up from Gibraltar, and once again, there are so many Aussie boats, 4 on our pontoon alone. The Big Bandicoot, a 60 foot catamaran sailed solo up from Darwin through Red Sea to the Med, left yesterday for Brazil.

Two days off in 2 weeks, first to the very popular Teguise sunday market, a good place to people watch, shop and of course, have lunch


img_4318img_4320We had been told that Lanzarote is a fascinating place to explore. Cesar Manrique, the artist and “architectural philosopher” has been credited with contributing to the unspoilt landscape of Lanzarote. The lack of high rise and advertising billboards and the consistent architecture of white houses contrast wonderfully with the volcanic landscape and splashes of green.

His first house, now the Foundacion Cesar Manrique, with its wonderful art works, gardens and house built within the lava fields was an absolute must see.img_0209


img_0181img_0182img_0199img_0192img_0184img_0189It is hard to believe that anything apart from cacti, will grow in this harsh landscape. White wine is produced in the  middle  of the island. Semi circular walls of stones apparently capture the dew resulting in enough water for the vines.

img_0214img_0215El Golfo, on the south western shore of the island has a spectacular green lake, and a very touristy town which is a very popular lunch spot. img_0221img_0218img_0222Olivier, a lovely frenchman who has been making some canvas covers for us recommended a wonderful, much less touristy place for lunch, La Bodega.

We timed our visit to Timafaya National Park perfectly. The late afternoon meant we avoided the crowds, and saw this dramatic landscape in a lovely soft light. We had heard that crowds can be horrific, especially when there are many cruise ships in port.


The food in the Manrique designed restaurant on the top of the volcano is cooked using the heat from the ground.img_0259

The national park guides demonstrate the heat of the ground below img_0226img_0231img_0233

The last volcanic eruptions in the 1700’s have resulted in an incredible landscape.img_0244img_0257img_0260

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