Bonaire to Curacao

The 3 day sail from Grenada to Bonaire was an absolute pleasure. Good wind, calm seas, up to 3knots of current behind us, a full moon – what more could we ask for?


We were pleased to get one of the moorings in Bonaire, as some boats tend to stay a very long time. The dinghy dock at Karels bar was very convenient.

karelsBonaire is well known for its diving. The island has so many dive spots, with many sites accessible directly from the beach. Gooodive was a great choice of dive companies, with very professional staff and good gear.


Bonaire has a beautiful, rather rugged coastline and lots of cactius bon

cactus1cactcact3cactus fenceSalt is a major export – the colourful salt pans were rather beautiful in the afternoon light.

salt1salt2The flamingos are numerous and very pink

flamingoWe needed to be on the lookout for wild donkeys, both on the roads and the paths leading to the beach

donk signDCIM100GOPROWindsurfing and kitesurfing are also big on Bonaire

windsurwindWe could have easily spent much longer in Bonaire, but needed to get Sea Cloud to Curacao for the hurricane season.

sign cur

Willemstad is such a pretty, colourful (World Heritage listed) town. The swing bridge opened and Sea Cloud passed through into the waterway up towards Curacao Marine where she will spend the next 6 months.

cura sail2cur3curac sailcur sailAfter a few frantic days of preparing Sea Cloud we moved her into the shallow slipway for hauling out. The process, as usual was very nerve wracking, but all went very smoothly and Sea Cloud is now propped on her cradle ready to be tied down for the next few months.

sc lift

sc lift2Knowing very little about Curacao, we were very pleasantly surprised. Willemstad is still very Dutch in appearance. It is a very cosmopolitan, vibrant town with beautifully restored historical areas, many good restaurants and bars and a floating vegetable market.


veg mk


moj bar

We were really lucky to be in Curacao for the Harvest Festival (Seu) – an annual event. Having started in the outskirts of Willemstad in the middle of the day, no one seemed to know when the parade would reach the centre. For a while we hung around in the cool with the locals,

robbiesbefore moving to a restaurant close to town with a great view of the centre square

pre paradeand the cruise ship leaving Willemstad.

IMG_2271 After 5 hours of dancing in the summer heat, the colourful parade finally reached townparad1parade2parad5parade4parade6Curacao also has beautiful beaches, and apparently good diving.


With Sea Cloud safe on the hardstand, we have headed back to Sydney for 6 months of catching up with family and friends and a little work.

Since leaving Corfu, Greece in May last year, we have travelled 8000+Nm in Sea Cloud and have visited 32 countries. The plan for the end of the year is to sail to Colombia, the San Blas Islands through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific.

2 thoughts on “Bonaire to Curacao

  1. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time sailing around discovering the Caribbean.
    Epicurios has started sailing for 2017, launched on May1 in Ayvalik, Turkey. We are now in Lesbos, anchored in a lovely bay enjoying the surrounds. Our blog is firing up today.
    Enjoy your time at home catching up with life in Oz.
    Jane and Stuart

    • Hi JANE and Stuart,

      Thank you! We miss the Med and it’s ancient sites. Enjoy, we look forward to following your blog


      Cathy & Ian

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