Season end

Our friends and family back in Aus, we headed to Deep Bay, a new favourite in Fethiye Gulf, where we picked up a mooring buoy beside  Enki, to sit out a gale and ‘do some jobs’. What a wonderful  end to the season,  an opportunity for lively conversation (and not all about the problematic Volvo D3 engine) and  fun dinners with Diana and Alex, whilst anchored in the most beautiful bay.

40 Deep Bay 016

Once Enki had departed for Marmaris,  we worked through the list of jobs necessary to complete before putting Sea Cloud away for the winter.

44 jobs

The resident turtle was a lovely diversion as he surfaced close to our boat many times daily. Unfortunately, I haven’t been treated to a swim with him yet, only Diana has been so lucky.

40 Deep Bay Turtle

As our one or 2 planned days turned into 10, I suspect the couple who deliver our bread each morning (even in the windiest  weather) think we have taken up permanent residence here!

39a Deep Bay

39 Deep Bay

They run the restaurant in Tomb Bay, a pretty spot offering all sorts of services!

41 Tomb bay

The  Lycian tombs overlooking the bay can be reached via steep walking/ goat tracks. The view at the top is certainly worth the climb!

43 Tomb bay

42 Tomb bay

Jobs finished, we reluctantly return to Gocek to get Sea Cloud ready for haulout and to visit our favourite places.

30 Gozleme

It is Kurban Bayram (Sacrifice Holiday)  in Turkey, a 10 day holiday this year. Gocek is full of visitors and the usual Gocek market has a supplementary goat/sheep market across the road where we assume the locals buy their animal to be sacrificed.

gOCEK 001

Sea Cloud has been hauled out to spend the winter again in Gocek.. We will head to Cappadocia and then home for another few months of work.21 Bday bay

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