Sea Cloud safely up on the hard, we flew to Cappadocia, a place which has been on our bucket list for a few years. The Kelebek Hotel in Goreme was a very convenient and lovely base for exploring this geographically stunning area.

Kelebek Hotel

Some wonderful short hikes are within walking distance of  Goreme.

Love Valley

Love Valley


The Goreme Open Air museum is a complex of monasteries and churches carved into the rock. The frescoes decorating the from the 10th-12th churches are remarkably well preserved. The site is  best visited late in the afternoon as understandably is a extremely popular and crowded.


An day tour with a guide facilitated a visit to Rose Valley, aptly named for its beautiful coloured rock.





Pasabag, or monks valley was a popular wedding spot. It was not wise to pass too close to this not so friendly camel.


Lunch in the spectacular Kings Canyon was a treat. A fabulous meal from grown vegetables, eaten in a cave restaurant with our group of americans, aussies and local Turkish people.

It is hard to imagine how life must have been in the Kaymakli underground cave city which extends 8 floors below the ground. The city,  expanded over the centuries, has provided  its inhabitants with protection from the marauding tribes.


Hot air ballooning is a must do for visitors to the area. Unfortunately it was not an option for us because of the weather. However, we were treated to this magnificent site as we left Goreme heading for the airport, and Australia.




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