Sea Clouders in Sydney

Summer in Sydney. We forget how lucky  we are to live in this wonderful city. A visit from our very good friends Bev and Dwight from Oklahoma City gave us the opportunity to explore the city and its surrounds.


A cool and rainy Christmas was spent with the extended Cook family at Robertson in the Southern Highlands.


Walk from Elvina bay (Pittwater) to aboriginal rock carvings and spectacular view over Pittwater.




The result of the October fires at Palm Beach was very evident.


It was so fortunate that they stopped when they did, disturbingly close to the wonderful old lighthouse, such an important landmark for sailors approaching Pittwater.


Palm Beach

Palm Beach

Back to Sydney for New Years Eve on Sydney harbour – a must do for any visitor to Sydney.


The Spit to Manly walk was another highlight. It is a 10km hike which hugs the waterfront, providing wonderful views of the city and the harbour.




North Head

North Head

These cheeky waterdragons were not put off by the many people trekking along the path.



Flannel flowers

Flannel flowers

Reef beach – one of many beaches along the walkway. Hard to believe this is the middle of the city on one of the busiest weekends of the year.


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