South Western Cyclades

Sea Cloud 2015 travels so far – for those who want to know where we’ve been!

2015 Sea Cloud map

More detailed map of our trip through the Cyclades

Sea Cloud's route through the Cyclades 2015

Sea Cloud’s route through the Cyclades 2015

The anchorage of Vathy on Sifnos, with its all round shelter, lovely swimming , good tavernas and proximity to the local bus was an great place to anchor Sea Cloud while we set off to explore Sifnos. The well marked walking trails and lush green hillsides make Sifnos an ideal place for hiking.

IMG_1858 The walk from the Chora to Vathy has spectacular views.IMG_1881

Vathy anchorage - Milos and Kimolos in the distance

Vathy anchorage – Milos and Kimolos in the distance



In Sifnos we witnessed the annual celebration of ‘the lighting of the towers’. In earlier times fires were lit in these towers (the ruins of which can be seen throughout the island) to warn islanders of the approach of pirates.


With only moderate complaints from Ian, we hiked from the Chora to the monastery of Profitas Ilias, the highest point of the island.



IMG_1922and then to the Kastro on the other side of the island – a wonderful defensive spot.

P1040092 P1040089 P1040100
The islands in this group are so close, especially when you are going downwind. We had a  brisk sail to Kimolos, then the following day to Milos, another volcanic island, with a huge safe anchorage. After negotiating the horrible sea to the north of the island (for which Milos is famous) we settled Sea Cloud on the pontoon in Adamas for a few days of touring, socialising with some Kiwis on another Hallberg Rassy and waiting out some big winds. Milos, another spectacular island, is a favourite of the younger set (how old do I feel when saying this) and Italians, who apparently love the many good beaches, such as XXX on the south of the island.


The island’s capital, Plaka and Kastro at the top of the island provided great views of the rugged coastline being hammered by the strong northerly winds.

IMG_1950 Milos also has some some very quirky places, such as the brightly coloured fishing sheds at Klima

IMG_2026 IMG_2039and the tiny harbour of Mantrakia.


Sarikiniko, on the northern coastline has some wonderful rock formations.


Folegandros, an island further east has an anchorage that is not tenable in big winds. We were lucky enough to have a good sail across and back, and a few calm days to anchor and explore this beautiful island. At first glance, Folegandros is rather barren and inhospitable, but the green leafy (and very classy) chora perched on the top of the cliffs has the most incredible views down to the seas below.

IMG_2073 IMG_2065

We found a small hotel, great for our usual freddo cappuccino in the morning and Ian’s favourite, a really good mojito in the evening.


IMG_2078 - Version 2Although not as extensive as Sifnos, Folegandros also has some excellent walking trails, and beautiful beaches.

IMG_2094 The walk from the Chora to the other side of the island was rewarded by a swim and then lunch overlooking the most divine beach.


On the way we found a great spot to stay, adjacent to its own almost private beach.



The port of Karavostassis,  well connected to the Chora by bus, was a lovely anchorage – as long as you found a patch of good sand on the rather rocky bottom.


Our last island before heading back to Milos and then the Peloponnese was Sikinos, a small island next to Ios. Uncrowded, with wonderful views and good walking trails, it would be a good place to spend a few days.

IMG_2135 IMG_2141 P1040133

Sea Cloud's route through the Cyclades 2015

Sea Cloud’s route through the Cyclades 2015